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Whether you need air conditioning repair, installation, maintenance or replacement, it’s crucial that you hire the right contractor. You can’t afford to downplay your AC’s role in keeping your home comfortable, so it makes perfect sense to hire an experienced professional to give it the care it deserves. So as to benefit from the best air conditioning in Lakeland, you need to hire a contractor you can trust, someone who will help you get the best value from your investment.


When it comes to hiring a contractor, reviews can be a great source of information. You want to hire a contractor with a solid reputation for proving quality products and services to past clients. Thanks to the Internet, you can find plenty of online reviews on the company website or third party customer review sites and forums.

Seek References

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances as well as local trade organizations and ask for recommendations. Once you’ve jotted down a few potential contractors, ask for references from their previous clients. Be sure to follow up and find out if the products and services provided were satisfactory, timely and within the budget.


Different technicians may be trained on different equipment. Before making the hiring decision, be sure that the contractors have experience working with the make and or brand of your AC. A technician may have worked in the industry for decades, but it’s important that they are familiar with your type of equipment.


Air conditioning systems, especially in this day and age are very involved. You need a trained professional who is familiar with these complex systems. Each manufacturer/system is unique, and a quality contractor will ensure their staff has the right training to provide professional services. Consequently, if you want the job done right, it’s important to check the contractor’s credentials. The company technicians should be NATE certified, which shows that they have passed rigorous testing on their knowledge and skills. A reputable top ac repair contractor will also be licensed and insured.

Training may cover a wide array of topics in the industry, but one of the most critical is air balancing and the handling of refrigerant. It’s important that technicians should only handle refrigerant if they are certified to do so. They should also be trained to test and balance AC installations for maximum comfort and efficiency.

You Get What You Pay For

Running a great air conditioning company is rarely cheap. A high-quality contractor will maintain professional competence and be up to date on licenses, permits, training and more. There is a significant cost that goes into running a good shop so it’s safe to assume that the contractor who offers the lowest cost may not necessarily be an ideal contractor as they may not be current on the most recent developments.

Home evaluation

If you’re looking for an installation contractor, find one who will offer a thorough assessment of your home to determine the best cooling solution. There are plenty of factors to be considered such as the size of your home, the number, and placement of windows and the R-value of insulation among others. A good contractor will also inspect the duct system for insulation, leaks and loose segments. It’s only a seasoned professional who will be able to carry out a thorough evaluation.


Always ask for a written, itemized estimate of how much you’re expected to pay for products and or services provided. It pays to seek several estimates so you can compare costs, energy efficiency, and warranties. At the end of the day, a thorough vetting process will always put you a step ahead in the right direction.