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To be able to identify and locate your pool leaks a leak detection expert will ask you a lot of questions and will follow a systematized approach.

The first step in the identification process is the general questions. For how long you’ve noticed the pool leaking? When did you become aware that the pool was leaking? What type of pool do you have or how old is your pool?

Then you will be asked a set of more specific questions, and it will imply your visual inspection of the pool and equipment. You will need to search for any dripping where is not supposed to; you will need to check the backwash line if your filter is leaking any water and so on. You will also need to look for any structural cracks or areas that are suspicious around the pool. If you will have a vinyl pool, the age of the liner is paramount, and you should check for small holes, tears or bubbles behind the liner.

The next phase will be the operational questions. You will be asked of you have a slide, a waterfall, a raised spa or varnishing edge where the water could be leaking while it returns to your pool. Another important question that you’ll be asked is if your pool is losing the same amount of water while its pump is working and when the pump is turned off. Lights in your pool are a possible issue as well because a leak in the light niche in the older pools is very common.

Sometimes you’ll be asked if you merely suspect an area as the problem area. Based on all this information the technician could give you an idea of what type of detection or repair process will be required and will schedule an appointment. You will need to know that routine service calls will include pressure testing or electronic leak detection.

All these questions are needed to help the experts determine what kind of leak they are dealing with and what type of equipment they need to bring.

Leak detection experts will charge you by the job or by the hour because this is a premium service. For example, an expert that can find you a leak in 5 minutes will need to be compensated for his ability and expertise instead of how much time he spent on the search for your problem. Many experts invested in their training and equipment, so they will have the knowledge and skills to do the job done on time and with high quality.

There are some common pool leak detection tests. One of the most valuable is the pressure testing. This test will determine if your plumbing lines are the culprit. The test will be done with specialized test plugs, and pressure will be inducted into the system. This method seems to give quick results. With the results of the pressure test, the expert may know what other tests to use to pinpoint the pool leak.

Also, listening devices can be used to locate the sound of pressurized underground plumbing leaks. The expert could use Helium detectors for the underground plumbing leaks as well if the sound device doesn’t work properly because of the soil conditions. There are also other methods that you can find out online.

Once the leaks are found the expert could do the quick fixes immediately. If your pool requires crack repairing, underground plumbing or pool equipment you will be scheduled for another appointment and get a quote for the repairs. Some of the experts perform the repairs themselves, but others can recommend you calling a specialized company to fix your leaking problem.