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Changing a URL to a website page is a common practice, especially when a design change is also included in the process. But what most people forget is that during the URL change process, the SEO traffic suffers some damage, affecting the website. The best SEO companies like Fort Lauderdale SEO can help you decide the best strategy for this.

There is something called a 301 redirect method that can help you avoid ruining your SEO. Basically, by using this idea you can change the URL, yet you will keep the old link’s fairness and have 85 percent of it moved to the new URL. This way you will no longer have to start from scratch. But when you redesign a site, you also have to make sure that it does not affect the Search Engine Optimization in any possible way. This 301 strategy will ensure that the search evolution will not be awfully affected by your URL change. Without implementing this strategy, the organic search performance will take longer to get back on track.

Not changing a URL is the best method to not affect your SEO strategy, even when you change your design. When you modify your URL in any way, you are confusing the search engines because they have to search through algorithms, resulting in an unstable organic search.

Changing your URL when you own a business

Before you decide to change your URL to your online business, it would be better to have a talk with members from departments such as marketing and development. Make sure they understand what each other is saying because of most of the time, due to different knowledge, they misunderstand each other, causing more confusion. If you add a design company and a person who should implement all of that to the equation, you will end up with a bigger mess, mostly because these people have to deal with a subject that is quite hard to grasp and not their favorite topic.

Before you make the big decision, make sure your business does not depend on traffic coming from the organic search. Otherwise, the chances are that your business will be impacted in a rather negative way from the sudden URL change. Most sites do rely on organic searches and the incoming traffic it brings with itself, and this is why a sudden change of URL can become a business issue. If you consider changing your business URL, you should include in the plan, ideas, methods, and concepts that will help you and your team understand how change can affect SEO traffic and how it might become a business issue.

At the same time, modify the URL of your business will also include email links leading to a dead end. Once you change your URL, yet you managed to send out new emails, these emails will contain the old link inside of it. When a person, interested or not in your business, will click on it, it will lead to a dead end, resulting in a lost possible client.

If despite the fact that you have been warned about the potential damages a change of URL can cause on your personal business you still want to go through with the whole redesign, having a Search Engine Optimization Audit is an excellent idea. Specialized SEO people will come it, take a hard look at your website, analyze it from various points and angles and they will be able to tell you exactly where you should improve your site, what you should change and how you should implement these changes. Through this audit, you will know what things should be moved to your new URL, which ones you can leave behind, what risks will get you penalized and which ones you can assume.

In conclusion, changing your URL can affect your Search Engine Optimization strategy, the traffic you get on your website, but it can also confuse all search engines. Again, if you are working with a top SEO agency like Fort Lauderdale SEO you can trust them to evaluate and advise you on the implications of changing your URL.